How to braid your hair:



  • Wet hair
  • Comb through
  • Separate at the part
  • Draw a pentagram on the floor
  • Perform blood sacrifice
  • Offer up your soul to the devil
  • Chant ancient Latin conjuration spell
  • Summon Satan
  • Ask Satan to braid your hair

You know what?

Screw you. I am done braiding people’s hair. Do you know how many braids I have done today?


And I don’t even get a “Hey Satan how’s it going your cloven hooves look fabulous today” it’s just “Braid it. Go.”

(via sandshrewvv)

7 things to remember.


Do not have expectations. They will only set the bar too high, and most of the time, too high for reality to reach. Go in to things with an open mind, and hope for the best. It’s better that way. Your head and heart will thank you later.

Listen to yourself. No one knows you…